About NSEA

National Software Engineering Academy is a fully-owned (100%) Namibian institution established in 2012, offering courses in Engineering, IT, Business, Education and Language courses. Its establishment to a great extent, was derived from the vision 2030, which identifies Education, Science and Technology as core driving forces in achieving national goals. The College was started well aware of the current challenges and opportunities facing tertiary education globally. The need for electronically automated systems continues to grow in almost every workplace in most businesses. This is caused by the amount of information that continuously become tremendous, making it hard to eliminate common human errors as well as increasing the time spent on doing certain tasks. This can also result in information being less reliable. National Software Engineering Academy was started with the purpose of assisting companies and institutions to solve these technical problems by producing graduates in the IT field who will have extensive knowledge and expertise in designing, developing and implementing software applications (desktop or web-based) that focus on providing efficient, timeless, reliable as well as accurate information and automation of many tasks, as well as fixing IT related problem. National Software Engineering Academy focuses on making sure that the graduates are fed with the latest knowledge in their fields to enable them to make the best decisions when given tasks in designing and providing customized software applications to meet specific business needs as well as in IT configuration, systems network set up and IT management. These were among other things factors which led to the emergency of the National Software Engineering Academy to contribute positively to the development of IT Education in Namibia. Alongside these factors, tertiary education is increasingly challenged by the labour market demands to produce IT candidates who are competent, practical, versatile and able to perform satisfactorily in the increasingly dynamic and constantly changing global work environment.


To be the leading and most innovative institution in Namibia and beyond

The Mission Statement

To produce qualified, equipped, innovative, and technologically astute graduates and capable business specialists to the local and international community



8th Floor, Capital Centre Building, Independence Avenue, Windhoek, Namibia

Justina Fillemon - Registrar

Message from the Registrar

Thank you for your interest in enrolling at National Software Engineering Academy. This is an important decision for you. You will find comprehensive information about our curriculum in the Academic Program section of our website. Please take time to look over the other areas of our Website as well. After you have done so, look through the various Admissions sections and read the Admissions Policies and Procedures. I look forward to the opportunity of speaking with you further about your educational expectations at National Software Engineering Academy.

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