NSEA Admission Policies and Regulations
Entry Requirements
a) Grade 12 with 10 Points
b) Grade 10 with 18 Points
c) Those with fewer points than the above will go for bridging courses before being enrolled. Prior learning and experience are considered.
d) Mature Age Entry 23 years. Prior learning and experience are considered.
Entry Requirements
Possession of certificate as listed above or equivalent. Entry Requirements for programmes starting at Diploma Level is Grade 12 with 18 points minimum. Candidates with less than 18 points will get bridging support.
a) Mature Age Entry 23 years. Prior learning and experience are considered.
Entry Requirements
Student should have passed all Certificate and Diploma level subject or should have an equivalent Diploma from a reputable institution of higher learning that is internationally recognised.
i. Registration fee (Non-refundable): N$1,000.00 (subject to change) and Late Registration Fee is N$1,250.00
ii. Application form fee: N$80.00 (subject to change)
iii. Student Card fee: N$50.00 (subject to change)
iv. Payment terms are cash or installment plan
v. Foreign students should pay at least 75% of the course fees
vi. A 10% discount on tuition fees will be granted if fees are paid in full. However discount is calculated on tuition fees only
vii. Tuition fees are paid for course and do not take consideration of time
viii. Rebates to Students Representative Council. A rebate of 20% to SRC Chairperson and 15% to SRC members will be granted on the following conditions:
The rebate will be calculated for the period served as SRC member or chairperson
Rebates will be calculated on tuition fees only or any other charges
Rebates will be refunded at the end of each semester
Rebates will only be refunded, if the fee account is settled in full.
ix. Tuition fees do not include textbooks or projects and practical fees
x. Refund Policy
Registration, deposit fees are non refundable
Tuition Fee will be refunded in proportion of the time passed before cancellation. A minimum of 10% will be retained for administrative costs
Students not admitted for a course with get 100% refund excluding registration fees
Students not registered for a course which cannot be offered due to circumstances (e.g. student numbers not enough/adequate) will get 100% refund
No refunds on fees for foreign students
xi. Discount for Excellent Academic Performance
All students who obtain at least 85% in the final mark of a course shall receive a discount on tuition fees for that course as follows:
5% for a certificate course
10% for a diploma course
15% for an advanced diploma course
xii. The academy reserves the right to change fees guide at any time without notice
xiii. Interest on overdue accounts
A 15% annual interest will be charged on all tuition accounts.
Monthly payment received after the 5th of each month will attract a late fee charge of 10% added to monthly payment
xiv. Please note that NSEA does not offer any financial assistance in the form of loans and/or bursaries.
xv. All students will be provided with a Student Handbook and other policies that affect students upon registration and payment of tuition fees deposit.
xvi. Not withstanding the fact that all the information contained herein has been compiled as accurately as possible, councils, board of National Software Engineering Academy accept no responsibility for any errors that may occur
xvii. NB: Some courses are only offered either on certificate, diploma or advanced level.
Administration Office
National Software Engineering Academy
Independence Avenue, CBD, Windhoek, Namibia Capital Centre Building, 8th Floor Bank :Bank Windhoek
Account Name :National Software Engineering Academy
Account No :8003546576
Branch :Capricorn
Branch Code :486-372
On the deposit slip, please indicate;
Reference: Please indicate the Name and Surname of the Student e.g. Tom Smith plus Student Number
Send Proof to deposit to address below:
The Registrar
National Software Engineering Academy
P. O. Box 26042
Or deliver to the physical address below or Email
Main Campus
Physical Location: Independence Avenue, CBD, Windhoek, Namibia
Capital Centre Building, 8th Floor
Telephone: (+264-81) 377 9721 / (+264-81) 635 4851
Website: www.natsoftacademy.com
E-mail: info@natsoftacademy.com