Registration policy

  1. Paying for NSEA course (s) or event venue, NSEA will be acting on the studentsí behalf. Students will be subjected to the terms and conditions growing the college
  2. It is the studentís responsibility to ensure that while attending NSEA course or/courses and while onany third party premises, he or she does not behave in an improper or disorderly manneror in any way which risks or causes damage to property, or in any way breach the termsand conditions of the premises. Failure to adhere to these rules, the student will be subjected to a disciplinary hearing.
  3. In the event of such continuous Failure to adhere to this, NSEA will have the right to require the participant to withdraw from the course and be held liable for damage to property. NSEA will also be entitled to retain the course fee.
  4. The student will also be held liable to indemnify NSEA for any expenses or other liability it incurs or suffers as a result of any such improper behavior.
  5. A statement signed by the Registrar or his/her delegate shall represent the amount owing to the NSEA by me/us, and further that in the event of such amount being handed over for collection, I/we shall pay all legal charges incurred on the attorney and client scale;
  6. Students are all expected to pay all interest on all overdue fees, and disbursements at a rate of 15% per annum compounded monthly and calculated from the first day of each month following the date by which final payment of all fees and disbursements must have been made;
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