Re-registration policy

  1. It is at NSEAís discretion to agree with the student the hours/days required to complete the course (e.g. attending the balance of events, or re-starting the course in its entirety) in order to be able to achieve graduate status.
  2. Students wishing to defer their place and reregister under this policy will be required to complete a short re-registration form outlining the circumstances and context of their request.
  3. The studentís re-registration form will be considered by the Advisory Board, using the application criteria. NSEA cannot guarantee that an application to defer and re-register will be successful.
  4. In cases where a participant wishes to defer their place before the course they have been originally accepted to has even started, the re-registration fee policy only applies where the request is received fewer than 30 days prior to the first day of the course (hence the full fee for the original course is due in full).
  5. Students can only defer and re-register a course of the same type. Requests to defer and re-register onto a different course may incur a high fee.
  6. The 15% re-registration fee can be waived in exceptional circumstances at NSEAís discretion.
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